My GOtv account

Where can I make inquiries about GOtv?

Call our Self- services number and follow the voice prompts; on 0711 066 555 

What subscription bouquet options are available to me?

GOtv Plus (two month subscription included in the package price)

GOtv standard (will only be available after the initial two month subscription period)

How do I pay my GOtv subscription?

You can pay your subscription through:

  • Mpesa
  • Postpay
  • Airtel Money 
  • Orange Money

Always leave your decoder switched on when you pay your subscription

How can I check for the next payment or balance due on my account?

You can sms your ICU number to the short code 22688 or log in to the website www.gotvafrica.com

What self-services options are available to me on GOtv?

Short code number 22688

Visit GOtv website:  www.gotvafrica.com

Call our self-service number on 0711066555

GOtv Open

What is GOtv Open?

GOtv Open is a new bouquet option launched in Kenya.

When will GOtv Open be launched?

The new bouquet is now available on our GOtv platform.

Why are you launching GOtv Open?

GOtv is always looking at ways to enhance the overall viewing experience for television consumers. The launch of GOtv Open not only gives the consumer more choice, but also supports the analogue switch-off (ASO) efforts as it gives consumers the best possible option for joining the digital television revolution.

How much is the subscription for GOtv Open?

GOtv Open has a once off administration fee, please consult your nearest dealer Agent or go to the website : www.gotvafrica.com

How do I activate the GOtv Open?

You can only activate GOtv Open at the Multichoice dealer Agent

Which channels are available on GOtv Open?

  • KBC TV
  • NTV
  • KTN
  • Citizen TV
  • K24

Apart from the channels listed above, additional FTA services may be picked up by your GOtv decoder but which are not going through our broadcast infrastructure, please note these additional channels are subject to local conditions including: Reception from a 3rd party transmitter, hence GOtv cannot guarantee the quality the signal on these channels; External antennas (the GOtenna) are directional, so if the 3rd Party transmitter is not pointing in the same general direction as the GOtv transmitter, the viewer may experience problems picking up a signal on some of the additional FTA channels.

Once I am on the GOtv Open bouquet, can I upgrade to GOtv or GOtv Plus bouquets?

Yes you can upgrade to any of the GOtv pay bouquets at any time. You will not however be refunded your initial Administration fee.

If I downgrade from GOtv or GOtv Plus to the GOtv Open will I have to pay the administration fee again?

Administration fee is a once off payment.

Is GOtv Open free of charge?

Apart from a once-off, non-refundable Administration fee, there is currently no additional monthly charge. GOtv reserves the right to charge a monthly Service fee.

Customer support

I'm a new subscriber - how do I activate my new GOtv decoder?

Self activate your decoder by sending the word: accept*IUC number*Surname*mobile number*City*GOtvPlus# to the following short code 5688.

Example: Accept*2000123544*Surname*2631234152*City*GOtvPlus#

What does an E16/E30 messages mean and how do I clear it?

E16 /E30 means your decoder has been disconnected. Please ensure your decoder is switched on before paying your subscription. SMS reset and your ICU number to 22688 if you are still experiencing the E16/E30 error message.

E30 means your decoder has been switched off or there was no signal available for a long time. If your subscription has been paid in full, please ensure your decoder is switched on and SMS reset to 22688 to clear the error message displayed on your decoder.

Do I live in the GOtv reception area?

Check the GOtv coverage map on the website or visit your nearest GOtv dealer.

What GOtv bundle options are available in Kenya?

Option 1: GOtv decoder + 2 months GOtv Plus subscription

Option 2: Decoder + 2 months GOtv Plus subscription including a GOtenna

How do I receive the GOtv signal?

You need a GOtv decoder and a GOtenna. For optimum signal GOtv always recommends the use of an external UHF GOtenna

My picture is breaking up and/or I have audio loss?

For optimum signal GOtv always recommends the of an external UHF GOtenna

If you are using the GOtenna check all cables and connection, ensure the UHF GOtenna is correctly polarized and pointing straight to the transmission tower. Check with your local GOtv dealer whether the UHF antenna must be vertically or horizontally polarized.

Building, trees and other obstacles may adversely affect your signal quality. For optimum signal attempt to achieve a direct line of sight between the UHF GOtenna and transmitter.

Building, trees and other obstacles may adversely affect your signal quality. For optimum signal attempt to achieve a direct line of sight between the UHF GOtenna and transmitter.

How do I know which side is the transmitter facing?

Consult with your GOtv dealer or go the website  www.gotvafrica.com

How do I clear Parental Control on my decoder?

Visit your nearest GOtv dealer for assistance.

Where can I have my decoder tested?

Visit your nearest GOtv dealer for assistance.

Where do I find the subscription Terms & Conditions?

At any GOtv dealer and on our website www.gotvafrica.com

More about GOtv

 What is GOtv?

GOtv - is an exciting new digital pay television service from MultiChoice.  It is available in eight countries in Sub-Saharan Africa on the most advanced T2 Digital Terrestrial Television platform. GOtv is the home of African entertainment offering a range of exciting television channels designed to meet the needs of the whole family at a highly affordable price. GOtv is innovative, fun, simple, friendly, affordable, relevant and exciting – offering both local and international channels including news, children¹s programming, documentaries, series, sport and movies.

What equipment do I need to receive GOtv?

You need a GOtv decoder, and a GOtenna, which is included in the sale of the GOtv decoder. For optimum signal GOtv always recommends the use of an external UHF GOtenna.

Is my GOtv decoder using the latest digital technology?

Yes, your GOtv decoder uses the approved DVB-T2 standard technology and would not need replacement any time soon.

What is the difference between the DVB-T1 and DVB-T2 standards?

DVB-T2 is the 2nd generation standard and the latest in cutting edge technology. DVB-T2 is between 30-67% more spectrum efficient than DVB-T1 (or ISDB-T).  

What is the difference between Analogue, digital terrestrial (DTT) and Satellite TV?

Analogue television requires a dedicated and scarce frequency for each channel broadcasted. Analogue television is therefore spectrum inefficient and limits the broadcaster in the number of channels it can broadcast. The viewer receives the signal through either VHF or an UHF antenna.

To receive any digital terrestrial signal, you will need a decoder also known as a Set Top Box. Through digital compression technologies, DTT (with DVB-T2 being the latest standard) is extremely spectrum efficient. For each terrestrial analogue transmission, GOtv can broadcast up to 22 digital terrestrial channels. The subscriber receives the GOtv service through a stub or a grid antenna.

Satellite television such as DStv is relayed to the subscriber’s home via a satellite. A single satellite usually covers a large area (for example the Eutelsat E36B satellite covers most of Africa) and the subscriber requires a satellite dish and decoder with a smart card to receive the service.

Why is GOtv not available in all cities?

GOtv currently only has frequencies in Eldoret, Kisumu, Machakos, Malinidi, Mombasa, Nairobi, Nakuru and Nyeri as DTT signals are regional (localized and dependent on towers) and not like satellite signals which are able to cover an entire country. Media announcements will be made when GOtv is launched in a new city.

When will my current analogue TV stop working?

The Government has announced 13 December 2013 as the date for the Analogue switch off in Kenya.

I already have an antenna; can I use it to receive GOtv?

For optimum signal GOtv recommends the use of an external UHF GOtenna which is sold with the decoder.

Can I use any decoder to receive GOtv channels?

Only GOtv decoders are able to receive GOtv channels. Although there is a smart card slot in the decoder, please DO NOT attempt to insert another smart card in that slot as your decoder has a built in smart card already.

Do I need to buy a new TV set to receive GOtv?

No – any television should work.

Can I have 2 GOtv decoders linked to one account?

No, each active GOtv decoder requires its own account.

How do I activate the widescreen format on my decoder to ensure I have the correct setting on my television set?

There are two methods that can be used:

Press shift then the TV guide button, repeat until the required size is visible.

You can also activate the widescreen option by following the steps below:

  • Press the menu button 
  • Advanced options 
  • TV installation  
  • Select Aspect Ratio 
  • Press ''OK'' 
  • Arrow key scroll to 16:9 
  • Press ok 
  • Press 2 to accept  
  • Select the alternate picture display
  • Press exit to store and leave the screen

Does the external GOtenna need to be positioned in a specific way towards the transmitter (horizontal or vertical)?

Yes, the GOtenna needs to be positioned in either a Horizontal or Vertical polarity. The GOtenna is connected to the RF in connector at the back of the GOtv decoder.

Where can I get GOtv program information/guide?

Press TV guide on your remote control

Use the arrow keys to scroll through the channels and programs

Alternatively, you can access the TV guide on www.gotvafrica.com

Why must my decoder always be switched on?

If the decoder is switched off, it will not receive any commands from GOtv and it will not receive the free regular software upgrades.